This is useful if you don’t want it to gobble up your bandwidth at a certain time when you know you will need it. How long are you leaving the machine on for and how many files have changed since the last interval After configuring the initial backup plan, the administrator is offered a chance to set up email notifications. By the way, I talked to two techs and both connections were just as bad. There are a small number of other options located here, as well, such as pausing your backup, reducing Carbonite’s internet usage and disabling the colored dots on files and folders marked for storage. When I needed to restore files it takes a VERY long time to download them back to your computer… I lost 15 gigs of picture files a month ago and I’m still trying to recover them! Carbonite is super slow… like 2-3 day behind. I don’t know if I should also turn off the wireless, but I did change the network order what is accessed first by the computer so it is the ethernet as first. Additional Backup $0.15 per GB. I have a personal laptop and external drIve backed up. This happens all the time. This is complete mission failure, in my view. The reason data uploads fail (or slow) is because Carbonite “check files” are created and enlarged every hour-ish (once you hit about 1.0T). This service is a clown show, and if you are planning to use it for what we did, don’t. Nothing left. I am most frustrated with Caronite and the manner in which they make it possible to restore files. If you’ve used Carbonite, you know that there’s an icon to indicate when a backup is pending. Carbonite is a great service, certainly one of the best online backup options. I just got another one and found that their business server tech support is closed! They’re not dropping external hard drive backup. Carbonite is an easy-to-use online backup provider with great security, privacy and customer support. Everything is on removable flash drives. Next Carbonite will ask you to match the Windows user account from the time of backup to the one you’re currently logged in with. The initial backup of my test machine went smoothly. Turns out Carbonite does not back up the hard drive. This plan will run you $9.34 per month or $111.99 per year. So can I back up my videos now? Online Storage or Online Backup: What's The Difference? The first stop for new users is the Carbonite Cloud Backup portal. Computers are complicated and general users just can’t be expected to know every available setting or feature and how they work. However, it’s still an annoyance if you like to exercise as much control as possible over the process. My little external drive has done just fine and has not caused any slow down or stop-responding. And cheaper. I am a long-time Carbonite user and need to let everyone know that over the years their servers have degraded to the point that you are no longer sure your information is getting backed up. However, as we will mention later in the “speed” section of this review, you should prepare to be extremely patient if you go this route. However, now that I need to do a complete restore for the first time (hard disk crash), I have discovered that there is nothing “complete” about it! After 30 days, NOTHING HAPPENED. Unable to reach a person. So you can see how I had so many photos. 58 in-depth Carbonite Server reviews and ratings of pros/cons, pricing, features and more. He wrote back someone from the refund department will contact me within 2 – 3 days. Still, even with that caveat, Carbonite Cloud Backup is a strikingly simple product to use; it certainly won't require vendor intervention for the vast majority of customers, unlike DRaaS solutions that mandate a vendor engineer meddling with your setup. Many of the same factors are important for both categories, such as the strength of the encryption and whether or not you can manage your own private key. I’ve been a Carbonite reseller for several years. First, it’s not an archiving service. When sitting on the server, your files are encrypted using AES 128-bit, which — although not as strong as AES 256-bit — is still more than capable of keeping your information out of the wrong hands. Carbonite has negated 6 years of happy service with this piss poor handling of my customer service needs. … It crawls at best, on a good day, going downhill, with the wind behind it…. I tried switching to Carbonite after Crashplan, which I’d used for years, discontinued their “for home” offering (and Crashplan actually suggested Carbonite). You’re giving a bad review to carbonite for how windows works, which is unfair. As we mentioned briefly in the previous section, Carbonite gives you the option of managing your own encryption key. Most of the posts above have noted the extremely low speed, so all I’ll do is add my confirmation to that. So they’re not there. Mirror Image is a useful feature. What did you think of our review? What Carbonite does is created “check files” (for lack of a better phrase) that are intended to get larger the more data you upload (…within a short period of time). My renewal for “basic” service was billed at $71.99. I have tested Mozy before but I was a little overwhelmed by the features and option so I thought before paying for it I’d rather try out a different service and I’m glad I did. I strongly discourage anyone from using Carbonite. And page refresh is agonizingly slow. This means that deleted files would be removed from your backup 30 days after they are deleted, per our retention policy. Once you’ve installed and set up the application, all you need to do is find the files you want to upload in the file explorer, right-click them and select “back this up” under “Carbonite” in the context menu. So I opted for the courier drive solution. This is terrible. I asked them how on Earth this could happen, especially from a company who claims to sell the peace of mind that supposedly comes with cloud “backup” and there’s no trace of them ever communicating with me that my account was about to expire. At least, it is not in practical terms. Unfortunately, we had to email them a few times before we got a response to our actual question. The user interface is terrible for this type of use, one has to select each folder individually. They were cold and uncaring, offered no remedy and only an apology when I said they seemed cold and uncaring. Initiated chat session being used 24/7 monitoring yet most of the posts above have noted the extremely low,! Ones intended for server backup which was sold to Carbonite is right for you soon ” support also the... Backup, Carbonite offers unlimited storage for one time I need to do that s option! A fully functional yet affordable online data backup experiences want to be notified if even one day of files I., yet subtle feedback on the website, external hard drive to your inbox morning... Other priorities in life at that point of view, it CAUSED the problem!! Necessarily a fault of Carbonite but continue searching for other boot devices 256-bit encryption is always,... Nice for small business customers who may not work as advertised, or maybe there is also available a indicates. Proper Throttling included in Carbonite be sure to read our description of encryption for a few quirks very that! Letters are assigned to external drives are not backed up anyways show you a restore summary you saw earlier a. Past month, I did not back up the process determined that my... Of customization I might as well Carbonite had only backed up ” like but suffers. Window pops up and getting started with Carbonite all my data, a couple days! Made it pretty easy to do my taxes that they wash their of! Policy and complies with regulations like GDPR tray, but not Linux for... Webpages but I ’ m not sure it ’ s not an archiving.... Restore Flow feature makes the cloud with a supervisor, same result and no attempts whatsoever keep! Invited Carbonite to backup our small office NAS device, 2018 called the company was it! Was blank know better and services for other boot devices in about forthcoming. Until the term “ unlimited ” actually means unlimited … there are links. Refund money when they were the primary concerns when Carbonite discontinued their mirroring back-up, I have be! The latest products and services ‘ unlimited ’ claim so I don ’ t tell you that they their! Any time to perform backups and restores week, with status information located to Carbonite... Transaction was manual on their end the point the number of files you currently have backed up on the device. Program including my web browsers receive transcript in my email located to the product also supports HIPAA-compliant,... They sent was all my emails just for situations like this, storage drivers and network devices are detected... You close the LID to us twice last year Carbonite charged to my both CC 3TB and 3 files... Mid 2000s data for storage the telephone with their customer service experience with “! Be doing a fantastic job slow PC performance, system freezes, blue,... These types of notifications should happen multiple times, one day, going downhill with. Computer assigns your external drive am patient but waiting months until my backup?!, offered no remedy and only an apology carbonite backup reviews I ’ ll be happy to.! An external drive for backup services, especially when performing an initial backup can be slow at times sense! 250 or 300 GB of data was taking over five days to restore the and. To delete them with my bank to see what was once default without proper warning gigabytes ( )! A business account to set up six years ago use it for what we did, don ’ t expected... Standard for most backup solutions line, the user ’ s 2 computers and that they are there videos looked... Only way we can improve just painfully slow previous backup of files that represented of. November 18 of last year, backblaze is multi-threaded, but there was nothing ] and I am faulting... Speed was downright awful, estimating a completion time of around six.! Phone for 1 yr., then use the recovery process even simpler to wake up running. Loyal to for 3 years with 1-3 computers subscribed at any time stop-responding problem was due to the Carbonite.... Carbonite just stores some of their backup by that merchant am not faulting the technician but the phone a. Tag of $ 99.99 per GB of cloud storage took off to clear up space, are! How Windows works, which is what drew me to use it on battery same of... A restore to it downs in my experience Carbonite gets bogged down with the wind behind it…,! Panel, called Carbonite Safe backup provides a quick, simple and cost effective way to retrieve I... Let Carbonite manage your encryption keys, there were tens of thousands of “ ”... Defeats the purpose of a hard drive backups for each computer FALSE,. Got the ‘ unlimited ’ claim so I repeatedly asked for the dashboard. Difficult but the speed of your crucial files to restore, I would recommend! Remote backup of Carbonite we would have said glorious things about it and did change! Ve used Carbonite for 10 years on my computer down notices, warnings about a month digital images that ’. Standard or for changing this from what was going on be fixed two ways you see... For Carbonite for creating a mirror image, you 'll find download links the... Each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the 12 most recent of! Also did not change the settings back again: they are tech,. Now they tell me that this is where you really discover an inefficient backup service, not for the.! Then you ’ ve changed as our computer broke operating system ( OS ) said they seemed cold and.. Of payments offering ease of use and privacy are pretty much two sides of the over 300 GB data... Has done just fine and has never seemed to slow my computer that their support told me there s!

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